Gleam Team Services

Regular Cleaning

We can provide cleans at whatever frequency you need, whether it’s daily weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Unlike some of the bigger organisations, it will be the same friendly and trustworthy face each time we pay you a visit.
We fit in with your routines and always allow some time to do extras so that in time the whole inside of the house gets done.
That means things like fans, light shades, tops of air conditioners, inside windows and skirting boards.
You can choose whether you want us to use your products or we will provide our own.
Our products have been used exclusively on thousands of jobs and continue to achieve outstanding results.
It’s advised that we use your vacuum cleaner to avoid any cross contamination.
Total Peace of Mind.

Bond Returns.

With 12 years local experience and having our Bond Cleans approved by practically every Real Estate in the Hunter area, we reckon we know what to do.
We know how important it is to get everything right when there could be thousands of dollars at stake.
We’ll go that bit extra if we see something that could benefit from some attention to make the right impression and should something be missed we’ll come back to fix it.
To save you time we can provide all the necessary services for an End of Lease Clean like Garden, Blinds and Carpet so you don’t have to use time contacting, contracting, arranging, meeting and organising.

All Year Spring cleaning.

Or maybe we should call it Ir-Regular and Highly Efficient Cleaning. We can come in to clean as much as you like and then come back at an interval of your choosing to help you keep up. Another idea that seems to be catching on is to follow up the big clean with Regular Cleaning. Need we mention it’s much easier and more time efficient.

Preparation for Sale/Photos.

We’ll come in to clean those parts of the house selected for Photos, then all visible surfaces for Open Day and then once you’ve successfully completed the sale we’ll come back and finish off whatever is left for handover.
Sometimes people elect to have a complete clean but we need to take into consideration whether the property is furnished or unfurnished.
An increasing number of clients are opting for “Stagers” who will make suggestions for presentation from the furniture to the drapes and even to the colour of the rooms.
We’ve had plenty of this experience and the bottom line after all is said and done is that the property has to present CLEAN and at it’s absolute best.
No doubt about it!
That extra bit of professional polish will make a difference to the bottom line and hopefully leave you feeling more relaxed throughout the process.

Builder’s Cleans.

Best at the final clean when all the Tradies are finished and the property is ready For Sale or Moving In.
This means; Only after the builder has done his final Builders Clean including acid washing any external concrete/tiles/garage floors and after all the Tradesmen/women have finished and there is no other work to be done.
That means; No exceptions.

Move-out/Move-in/Hand over cleans.

This one has been proven to be good for the Karma.
Because we know you want to leave a good last impression and start the new owner off with a happy memory.

Deceased Estate Management.
Basically a Preparation for Sale clean but can be extended to include Yard Work, Removal of Rubbish and Relocation of those things to be kept. Give Sandra a call for a confidential onsite quote.

We also offer Window Cleaning as a “Stand Alone Service”.
They are usually included in our other services but NEVER JUST GLASS !
We include Frames and Tracks to provide you with the Complete Job.Our outside window cleaning is restricted to only the ground floor.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]