About The Gleam Team

About The Gleam Team

With over 8 years local experience we have been fortunate to have been able to develop an enviable reputation for high quality work and an ever expanding network of satisfied customers and contacts.

It seems the personal touch and good service in business go a long way towards strengthening community bonds and building dependable relationships in this city.

Everything agreed to in the Quote Sheet as part of the Free Onsite Quote or over the phone is then handed on to the workers as their Work Sheet and will be done to the Customer’s complete satisfaction.

Unfortunately! All too often, in our dealings with prospective customers we are reminded of the saying attributed to Omar Kayam, “The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of the low price is forgotten”.

We hear you and believe we’ve got the balance right between price and quality.

We are also fortunate that our customers’ needs are our own and our absolute best in terms of service delivery is the minimum standard.

We readily acknowledge that cleaning isn’t rocket science; but to do it well requires commitment and the right attitude.

We are mindful of the fact that we are being invited into your house to do certain tasks and whether you are there or not you can be assured that we will always respect you and your property.

Whether it is regular cleaning, a rental bond or that extra bit of professional polish for presenting a property at its absolute best for sale or hand-over, we care.

So give the Gleam Team a call on 0425 269 677 and ask for Sandra or use the Contact Us link on the upper right of this page to submit an order for work on our customer list.

We’d love the opportunity to welcome you to our developing community.

Hours.-Flexible and by Appointment.